Did you spend binge watching Emily in Paris over the weekend and now you’re left with nothing to watch? We are here to help you with this!

The recently launched Netflix TV show has met with mixed reviews but that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the cliched drama. A plot that was previously seen in many other TV shows saw audiences wanting for more. Set in Paris, the show portrayed stereotypical French culture and obviously, a love triangle. Some liked it whereas others were disappointed with the portrayal of the culture and even the costumes.

So, if you are one of those who want to watch similar fashion based love story sort of a show, you should definitely check out these five TV shows.


Japanese TV show Atelier follows the life of Mayuko, who works in an haute couture lingerie shop in Tokyo’s glamour neighbourhood, Ginza.



If you absolutely love Emily In Paris, then The Eddy should a must-watch on your binge list. Set in the same dreamy location,  it follows Andre, the owner of a Parisian jazz club. Basically, The Eddy is Emily In Paris’s much more cooler older brother.


Masaba Masaba

Designer Masaba and Neena Gupta stars in the namesake show that follows the  life of the designer, which involves a lot of creativity and fun elements. A perfect one to binge watch over the weekend.



If you are someone who loves Sex In The City, Valeria is its Spanish version. It follows a group of ambitious friends who are pursuing their career goals and romantic passions in the city. If you’re dreaming to be in some place abroad, this will fill up your wishes.


Love Life

Love Life follows a single lady’s life in New York, played by Anna Kendrick, who finds herself as the constant target of bad dates and cringe-worthy situations that most of us can relate to.