David Blaine’s shock value is unreal. The illusionist always manages to stun his audience and do incredible tricks that have never been done before. His latest trick? Floating across New York’s Hudson river while being tied to balloons.

The project is called David Blaine Ascension, and it will be his first public stunt of this kind in nearly a decade.

If you feel this sounds familiar, you might be thinking bout the classic 2009 Disney film Up, which had a similar story of an old man tying up his house with balloons and floating away.

Blaine released a teaser trailer for Ascension that shows him preparing for this seemingly impossible trick.

“Ever since i was a kid, I’ve dreamed of flying. When was five-years-old, my mother took me to see a movie where the boy floats away on a bunch of balloons. That triggered dreams where I would fly over New York city, and inspired my love for levitation. I’ve never forgotten that image, and now I’m going to make that a reality,” he says in the trailer.



David Blaine Ascension is a YouTube Original and will be available on August 31.