Hrithik Roshan turned 44 today, and he celebrated it with a bang. The actor who will be seen playing mathematician Anand Kumar in a film based on the revolutionary Super 30 classes, was dressed in blue and was wearing a Captain America cap as he came out with a chocolate cake in front of his fans. 

“I am not an ambitious person at all. “Famous” is something I never thought of. I had to survive and there was a lot of fear in me. I had a lot of barriers in front of me when I was thinking of becoming an actor. That fear is what drove me. The fear inspired me to fly higher than I could imagine. I am a very competitive person though. If you pit me against something or someone, that will drive me. A healthy competition is a gift because you get other people to push yourself harder. It keeps you from being complacent. Overall, where my thrust comes from is my curiosity. I am a very curious soul. I am very curious about the earth, and Mars and the universe. None of us know what the hell’s going on. We are rotating and revolving and still we are static and life is not what it seems. There is magic all around us,” he said in an interview with us.

Certainly, the man doesn’t look 44 at all, and that is because he works very hard on his looks even though he believes that beauty should first be internal, and that should reflect externally. “I don’t believe in looks. I think beauty is a sequence of self-expression. It is not one frame. It is not your nose, jaws or bone structure. For me, beauty is how a person perceives his world, how he articulates his interpretations of life, how he is interpreting his life experiences, and what he is able to radiate through his expressions. I regard the feeling that you get from a person as beauty. Beauty is as beauty does,” he said in the same interview

Also, we’re totally gushing over the lovely Instagram post Hrithik’s ex-wife shared on her Instagram.