Acclaimed artist Sarah Bahbah is Instagram’s answer to Tumblr and she’s managed to do something to quench all of Internet’s thrists. Well TBH she has been doing it for a while now. Palestine born and Australian raised photographer, Bahbah features a series of photographs on her page with captions as a part of her ongoing photo series. Her latest one called Dear Love stars *breathes heavily and resumes to type* Noah Centineo. More photos to droll over everybody!

Her reason behind the page is more profound than most would think. ” It encourages men to feel safe and comfortable with vulnerability and transparency,” Bahbah tells VICE. The series is a reflection of complex human emotions that we all go through penned down by Bahbah herself. 

Her earlier works have featured the likes of Dylan Sprouse, Cindy Kimberly and Neels Visser to name a few. Watcher her series with Centineo below. 


The thirst is real y’all. 

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