Dance as a form of art has always had great significance. Names like Anna Pavlova, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Carmen Amaya are considered to be dance legends, and people pursuing this art form consider them as their idols. While these famous dancers populated the art form to a great extend, today on the occasion of International Dance Day 2021,  we are talking about some of the famous dancers, who regardless of a physical setback, outshined themselves and pursued their dream to dance no matter what.

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Sudha Chandran

The renowned Indian classical dancer and TV actress Sudha Chandran was 17 when she met with an accident. She was travelling from Mumbai to Chennai, when she lost her left leg during the accident. Her leg had to be amputated, but that did not stop her from pursuing her dream. She continued to dance and was even honoured with numerous awards for her work. She has performed all over the world.

Annie Hanauera

Annie Hanauera has a thriving career in the mainstream dance world. She was born with a missing part of her left arm, and now has a prosthetic one. She was a part of the UK’s Candoco Dance Company from 2008 to 2014, and now is an in-demand freelancer. Hanauer has been part of three creations with contemporary choreographer, Ouramdane.

George Exantus

George Exantus, famously known for his salsa performance, travel all over the world for his shows. His leg had to be amputated when a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. He was trapped under the rubble for three days, which caused this mishap. But this did not dampen his spirit, and he continued to pursue his career in dance. George had once stated that, “the will to dance is what kept his spirits up.”

Shaheem Sanchez

Shaheem Sanchez is popular for his hip-hop dance performances. He has been deaf since the age of 4 but since his late father was also a dancer, he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Sanchez started dancing at age 11. The dancer feels the vibrations of the music and allows his body to respond through movement. He also a Youtube Page, where he often posts videos of his choreography.

Benjamin Yonattan

America’s Got Talent finalist, Benjamin Yonattan, who became quite popular after his reality show stint, also never allowed his disability to get the best of him. The ballet dancer had had Retinal Dystrophy, and has now learned to feel his body instead of relying on his sight while dancing. He has danced with Young People’s Ballet Theater, the Ohio Conservatory of Ballet, and the Grand Rapids Ballet Junior Company.

Wishing everyone a happy International Dance Day.