John Abraham has always been one of the hottest actors out there. What Bipasha Basu was to straight men during the days of Jism, John Abraham was to . . . well, straight men too, it appears. Here’s what 5 dudes who identify as straight had to say about the actor:

“I just want to hug that guy, like maybe cuddle with him, you know?” – Akshay K.

“Dude, I love girls ok. Like I really like girls but John Abraham was the one man who made me question that.” – Matthew R. 



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“He’s the perfect gym partner, man. If my girl left me for John, I’d ask her if I could come along.” – Varun M.

“He’s fuckin’ hot ya. Those abs . . . I don’t if I want to have them or lick chocolate off them.” – Rishav A.

“We all want to be him or want him.” – Riishabh B.



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