The Joker is a character that DC has invested in a lot over the years. Let it be in comics, video games or even movies. And undoubtedly, Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the anti-hero on-screen still remains the most iconic one yet. So, when news erupted that the new Joker movie would star Joaquin Phoenix and will be directed by Todd Philips, a director famous for movies like The Hangover and Due Date, people were sceptical. 

But earlier this year, a teaser was released. And fans were convinced that this new Joker film was going to be unlike any other. First of all, this is the first time an iconic DC villain like the Joker will be getting his very own movie without any sign of Batman in it. Secondly, the story will be based on The Killing Joke, a comic book that is considered to be dark and gritty, yet one of the greatest comic storylines ever published. 

Todd Philips’ Joker promises to be more of a psychological character study than your usual comic-book adaptation. This naturally got both fans and critics excited about the film. But the latter got to experience it first at the Venice Film Festival this week. 

The reviews of the film were overwhelmingly positive with some even claiming that the film is Oscar-worthy. After the press screening, the halls were filled with applause and cheers, which was then followed by an eight-minute standing ovation. 

Take a look at what some critics had to say below:


After Venice, Joker will be heading to Toronto for another festival bow.

Joker promises to be DC and Warner Bros.’ most ambitious and psychologically-driven movie yet. It doesn’t intend to follow any past guidelines for showcasing the villain. in fact, this time, it won’t focus on the crimes of the Joker, but what led him to become the deranged and sadistic criminal he is.

The film is slated to hit the theatres on 4 October.