Sophie Turner stuffs her face with cake.

Priyanka Chopra strips as she sashays towards the boudoir to greet Nick Jonas.
Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas put on a show as their respective partners look on haughtily.
Joe Jonas hangs from the wall, strapped as he is with ropes in a manner that can only suggest BDSM while Sophie Turner licks her lips suggestively.
Not only is the latest Jonas Brothers song, Sucker a total earworm, but the video that goes with it is also fresh, novel and absolutely delicious. Its treatment of women is phenomenal in the sense that there is a total embrace of the bad, bad side – one that screams power, success and pride.
We are used to women being cast in CMNF (clothed male, naked female) scenarios – a tattooed rap God moves his wrists to the beat while a nude and outrageously skinny female model writhes on the bed behind him like the gold chain around his neck.
In this era of Ariana Grande, we’ve also seen the resurgence of feminine power and sisterly loyalty. What Sucker does is that it’s neither a statement nor a farce – it’s a celebration of the debauchery and hedonism that women are not supposed to enjoy in society.
The scene where Chopra, looking every bit the golden goddess that she is, rips off her cloak and reveals her shimmery décolletage is so tastefully done. It shows PC in charge – once again she is the junglee billi we have come to love, revelling with a man who doesn’t seek to tame her.
The video has a distinct Alice in Wonderland meets Marie Antoinette vibe – powdered wigs and all. The castle, the maze and the overall environ harks back to the infamous “let them eat cake” days. It’s visually appealing, goes fantastically with the music and is three odd minutes well spent. The use of the pleasure gardens is important – the women aren’t hapless chambermaids being chased around by the rakish Lord of the castle. They are equal partners in the art of making love – for better or for worse and in sickness and in health, one might say.
It’s a celebration of the women in the Jonas Brothers’ lives, it’s a statement that the women are very much in charge and as the song suggests, that the brothers are truly suckers for the leading ladies of the Jonas clan.