These ‘expect the unexpected’ games with Kangana Ranaut are getting harder by the minute. The actress has now said that her rumoured ex-boyfriends Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi are “kind souls”. If you do not why this is such an unexpected development, you can always google the mess that it was because we aren’t getting into it in this article.

“The amount of legal cases, abuses, insults, name calling I faced from Maharashtra government in these few months make Bollywood mafia and people like Aaditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan seem like kind souls… I wonder what is it about me that rattle people so much,” Kangana Ranaut tweeted from her verified account.

The actress was responding to a news piece talking about Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar’s reaction to the Bombay High Court rapping the BMC and setting aside the BMC’s notices to the actress.

On Friday, the Bombay High Court had quashed the BMC’s demolition notice and their razing of a portion of Kangana Ranaut’s Bandra bungalow in September following derogatory comments made by Ranaut about Mumbai. However, the court also took cognisance of the actress’s objectionable remarks and responses on social media like her comment comparing Mumbai with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.