Kanye West is known to the world as a musician first. However, the estimated $ 1.8 billion net worth the rapper is sitting on, as per Forbes, has been majorly helped by his fashion venture, Yeezy. He may be donning his entrepreneurial hat for yet another venture – into the tech industry, no less.

As per a report by TMZ, Ye has reportedly filed a trademark application for a string of tech products with his album – and mother’s name – on them. The line is expected to include computers, tablets, audio speakers and surround sound systems as well as headphones, earphones and wireless headsets. There is talk even on wearables such as smart glasses or watches.

It is expected that along with technology that competes with Ye’s long time obsession, Apple, the line of products would also bring in some unconventional designs for how the products look.

According to the report, the trademark was filed on September 21 this year, soon after West released his much-anticipated 10th studio album. Or, as per his claims, his record label did without his go-ahead.

This trademark comes right on the heels of West filing paperwork to be able to use his name on a slew of homeware products, the likes of bed sheets, towels and blankets, amongst other things. His now-estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West, had filed for a similar trademark in the past.

Kanye also seems to want Donda on downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines, journals, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets and newsletters all in the field of music and entertainment news.

West helms many a venture, he’s founded his own record label and production company with GOOD Music, as well as the Kanye West Foundation. He has also expressed an interest in architecture.

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