It’s not new to wake up in the morning to a long twitter rant by Kanye West, it’s almost routine. 

Earlier in December 2018, he tweeted that fellow rapper Drake was trying to kill him and went on a rant saying that he wants a public apology from him because he didn’t shoot down the claims of him having an affair with his wife, Kim Kardashian. West brought that feud in 2019 too and after a barrage of tweets on loving everyone, West tweeted “I love everyone, even Drake. That’s my whole thing.”

Drake wasn’t the only one in West’s radar, his longtime friend Donald Trump was also mentioned in the tweets. In December 2018, he met with the President, hugged and showed love and support for him. About a week later, he tweeted out how he feels “used” and was misguided by Trump. Fast-forward to 1st January to 2019 and West is back supporting Trump.

The rapper tweeted out “Trump all day,” then followed the tweet with another one that said “Just so in 2019 you know where I stand.”


Among all the chaos, West wrote another tweet that read “2024”, which refueled the rumours of him running for President.


In something that could be considered as good news, the rapper tweeted that he will appear on Joe Rogan’s legendary podcast which will be coming soon. This could be Rogan’s most anticipated episode ever and would be a great opportunity for West to explain himself.