Some of these videos are NSFW, unless you have a job like we have. Katrina Kaif started off with an image where people thought she couldn’t speak Hindi and was only in the industry because of Salman Khan. They hated her acting skills, they thought her voice was dubbed and they thought her time would pass. 

But as Mahatma Gandhi said, “First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.” The same could hold true for Katrina as well. She has established herself as someone who cannot just dance well and look hot, but also as someone who could laugh and cry genuinely on screen. 

We thought she looked extremely hot in Ek Tha Tiger, especially in that Mashallah song. Her chemistry with Salman Khan is sizzling and we can’t wait to see her burn the screen up again in Tiger Zinda Hai

“Wherever life takes me, Salman will always be family. If a female actor feels that working with the Khans is synonymous to leaning on them for success, she simply shouldn’t work with them. However, I’ve always approached my career with the aim of collaborating with the most creative mind,” she said in an interview with Mid-Day

She also spoke to us last year, and gave us some advice on some things men should do to attract women. “We like our space as much as you do. Sometimes, we just like to be home alone. It could be that we are tired, or don’t want to deal with things, have to be at work early, take a flight out of the city in the middle of the night, want a night out with our girlfriends or just want to be alone for no particular reason,” she said

“We rarely tell you the entire truth. We know you can’t handle that,” she added. 

So men, take note. 

For now let’s take a look at her hottest moments. 



Sheila Ki Jawaani

Gale Lag Jaa

Chikni Chameli