Kendall Jenner has been called out yet again. This time, the model’s tequila brand hit negative criticism after a Tiktoker found a bug floating in a sealed bottle of 818.

A TikToker called Kaitlyn (@kait_tc) has now claimed to have found a bug in her tequila. In a clip, Kait shows the unopened and sealed bottle of 818 tequila and when she zooms in you see a small black-winged bug floating in the liquid.

She said: “Kendall, serious question: Here’s my new bottle of tequila, sealed, unopened. I went to go enjoy a nice shot and I see this floater just hanging out and about in the bottle. Looks like he’s gone through it cuz he only has one wing left, but he’s swimmin’ around in your tequila. Someone’s shot was gonna hit extra hard.”

She later posted another TikTok, wherein she showed that she had received a DM from the official 818 account offering to send her a replacement bottle of tequila. When it arrived, she actually received three bottles of tequila and a branded jacket.


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Jenner launched the brand in 2020 and she has since been criticised for cultural appropriation. She received backlash for her depiction of Mexican culture in the promotional images, taking possible jobs from Mexican tequila producers and for profiting off of Mexican culture, despite having no ties to the country.

The promo ad featured Jenner sharing a drink with field labourers, which was met with fierce backlash for allegedly playing into stereotypes of Mexican people. In it, Jenner rides a horse through a field, sits on a pile of harvested agave plants, and perches on the edge of the bed of a beat-up pickup truck, all while wearing her hair in braids and a sombrero around her neck. Between the props, setting, and styling, many deemed the ad a prime example of cultural appropriation.

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