Be it her relationship status or her business, Kim Kardashian sure knows how to stay in the news. What follows her everywhere is the controversies attached to her personal life. Recently, while giving an interview to a Hollywood magazine, she gave some advice to women in business. She said, “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f****** ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

The statement was made by her after she reacted to the comments that suggested that the Kardashian sisters are famous for no good reason. “We focus on the positive. We work our asses off. If that’s what you think, then sorry. We just don’t have the energy for that. We don’t have to sing or dance or act; we get to live our lives – and hey, we made it. I don’t know what to tell you,” she added. 

While the business mogul must have thought she has said something wise, it didn’t not go down too well with the audience. People considered it to be too offensive and tone-deaf. An ex-intern, who has worked with Kardashian before, also called out the reality star. 

Celene Zavala, a programming director at CNN+, worked as an unpaid intern assistant to Kardashian. She retweeted her advice and wrote, “‘I worked my little college a** off for free for Kimberly. So I better get some addendum in her saying “except Celene, she was amazing.”

Jessica DeFino, another of Kardashain’s ex-employees, who worked an editor on the Kardashian apps said, “I was an editor on the Kardashian apps in 2015 in LA, worked days night & weekends, could only afford groceries from the 99 Cents Only Store, called out “sick” more than once bc I couldn’t put gas in my car to get to the office and was reprimanded for freelancing on the side. 

Here’s How Twitter Reacted:

Actor and activist Jameela Jamil also slammed Kardashian and wrote, “I think if you grew up in Beverly Hills with super successful parents in what was simply a smaller mansion. Nobody needs to hear your thoughts on success/work ethic. This same 24 hours in the day shit is a nightmare. 99.9% of the world grew up with a VERY different 24 hours.”

Kim Kardashian officially became a billionaire last year. Her funds come from her reality show, endorsement deals and her two lifestyle brands, stated Forbes

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