If you’re bored of receiving calendars from insurance agents or not religious enough to bother about Kaalnirnay, then here are some super sexy calendars you should take a look at. Not only will they (barring one) help you start the day with a smile, they’ll also make your work desk or your bedroom wall the source of all attention. 

So without further ado, let’s look at the hottest calendars you can buy this year.


With a #StayStrong hashtag, the Love Advent calendar is probably the hottest in our opinion. The tesaer was launched a month ago, and it shows women exercising, shadow boxing and doing push-ups. 


Something we always look forward to, the Kingfisher calendar 2018 will leave you gasping for breath. The calendar features four fresh faces – Priyanka Karunakaran, Mitali Rannorey, Priyanka Moodley and Ishika Sharma. It has been shot at some exotic locations in Croatia.

Dabboo Ratnani

The 2018 calendar is yet to be launched but if you go by the past calendars, it is sure to make you see our Bollywood stars in their hottest and most sizzling avatars. Check the video from the making of the 2017 edition. 


Well, it’s hard to get your hands on this one, since it’s given exclusively to Pirelli employees, customers and celebrities. That said, you don’t miss out on the pictures which are some of the exquisitely shot images in the world. A treat for those into fashion photography. “I have been thinking about how Pirelli has reflected body politics over the years. In 1987 it celebrated an all-black female cast. In 2016 the women chosen were celebrated for their substance regardless of their individual expressions of sexuality. In 2017 women were celebrated for how they really looked instead of how the world might want them to look. Now here we are in 2018, Pirelli’s 45th year, and we are taking ownership of possibilities and dreams belonging to anyone who is brave enough to access them,” Thando Hopa said on Pirelli’s website.  


Need we say more? All men love Playboy, and we don’t mind shelling out the import cost that we have to pay to get our hands on this one.