Kishore Kumar was one of the most legendary playback singers in the history of Indian cinema. He was also an actor, composer and lyricist par excellence. A life like his is sure to have a fair share of interesting moments. Below, we reproduce a few:

According to ScoopWhoop, Kumar had a sign outside his house that read ‘Beware of Kishore’. When Harnam Singh Rawail came to visit the singer, he read the sign but didn’t pay much heed to it. He rang the bell and the door was opened by Kumar who promptly bit Rawail’s hand. Then, Kishore Kumar pointed towards the sign in order to explain his actions.

Once, a director took Kishore Kumar to court to ensure that the playback singer would follow all his instructions. Kumar, not one to give in so easily, followed the director’s instructions so promptly that once when the latter forgot to say ‘cut’ after a driving scene, the former drove all the way to Panvel.

Again, according to ScoopWhoop, when Kumar was paid half the promised amount, he turned up the sets with half his moustache shaved. When asked why, he said “half money, half look”.