If you’ve been privy to Bollywood gossip or have read Karan Johar’s book or follow B-town news on the daily, you may have read/heard about the fallout between actress Kajol and Johar. KJo considers the actress to be his lucky charm and she can be seen in cameos in his films, even if she’s not a part of them. However, a few years ago the duo had a fallout.

Of course, they went back to being friends and all of us heaved a sigh of relief. In yesterday’s episode of Koffee With Karan, the director addressed the fallout and even regretted mentioning in his book, An Unsuitable Boy, that he would never be friends with her again. 


The actress also spoke about all the times when KJo would look through her at events but the love was always there. For instance, they spoke about a time when Kajol was about to trip over her saree at a Manish Malhotra show and the director instinctively reached out to help her.

The host also spoke about how a lot of people have tried to befriend Ajay Devgn but failed. Devgn revealed that he is an introvert and hence, doesn’t make friends easily. On being asked if KJo could be friends with Devgn, Kajol protested saying that Johar was her friend first and she didn’t want to share him with anyone!