The second episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 is out and this episode featured two actors at the forefront of the young bunch of the industry, Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor. After Alia Bhatt spilled the beans on a lot of stuff with Ranveer Singh in the first episode, the second one can be considered like a fun banter between two college friends. Apart from giggling like teenagers, Khan and Kapoor surely entertained the audience.

Right from them crushing over Vijay Deverakonda to talking about their trips together, the two girls seemed to have a lot of fun and so did everyone with them. Here is what the viewers have to say about the episode.

People loved the rapport between the two actors. Bollywood is infamous for not being an industry where two actors can be good friends but these two are surely breaking that stereotype. The way they addressed each other and at times, defended each other, showed that what they have is genuine. Just like two best friends, they have their secret jokes and they couldn’t stop laughing at them on several occasions.

However, there was one thing that viewers were not too happy about and it was Johar’s bias towards Janhvi. Social media sites are flooded with statements of people who are upset with Johar. The way he was treating the two, it was clear that his inclination towards Kapoor was more than Khan. He even asked Khan some hard-hitting questions that put her in the spot, which people feel were completely unnecessary.

Do the two girls want to date Vijay Deverakonda? Another point that people could not let slip by was the number of times the two girls spoke of Deverakonda. Some secret dating wishes were definitely brimming up and Khan was caught blushing on the camera.  

But the camaraderie of these two actors got a big thumbs up from everyone. Here’s hoping that the upcoming episodes keep up with this level of enthusiasm and fun.

Featured Image credits: Bollymagicvybs/ Twitter