Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was an iconic movie for a multitude of reasons. Released 20 years ago, the film was an instant hit in India and abroad. It was as cool as Rahul’s ‘cool’ necklace. With KKHH, Karan Johar helped push us on the journey to unrealistic romantic expectations.

While the film is known for many things (the songs, the drama, the songs, Mrs Braganza, the silent dance thingie that SRK and Kajol do, the songs), KKHH also set some major fashion trends. And with the 90s revival this year, there’s a lot of fashion tips that millennials could take from the film.

We catalogue a few of them below:

Chhoti Anjali’s hairband

kuch kuch hota hai

Anjali was a super annoying but also a super sorted eight-year-old. Looking like a desi Dora the Explorer, she hatched an extremely well-thought-out plan (considering her age) to get her dad together with his ‘one true love’. While Anjali played a huge role in the movie, her haircut and hairband also created quite the rage.

Tina’s outfits

kuch kuch hota hai

The miniskirts, bodycon dresses, chokers and even the faux-desi look were a huge hit in the country.

Anjali’s (the Kajol one) dungarees

kuch kuch hota hai

“I’m not like those girls,” she said as she donned a dungaree, reminiscent of the one tomboy Anjali wore in the film.

SRK’s athleisure

kuch kuch hota hai

Rahul did athleisure before it was cool. What an icon.

Kajol’s red saree

kuch kuch hota hai

Ok, so this wasn’t some major fashion trend but how good did our Queen Kajol look in that?! That entire scene deserves an award.