The third part of the famous series of Fantastic Beasts is set to launch in 2022, and everyone is talking about the cast, the movie, and how everything is going to go. Mads Mikkelsen, who is set to lead the third part, is all but replacing Johnny Depp, who was the lead last time around. One of the reasons for Depp’s axing can be the poor performance of the previous part, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald. They received poor reviews about the film and had an abysmal showing at the box office.

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Mads Mikkelsen now regrets not talking to Depp about accepting the role in Fantastic Beasts 3. Recently, Warner Bros. officially announced that Mikkelsen would star in Fantastic Beasts 3as Depp’s replacement. Mikkelsen will take over the role of villain Grindelwald, whom Depp portrayed in the first two films. Depp recently had a very high-profile divorce which was all over the media. He was being accused of attempts of domestic abuse. He lost a case against a newspaper when he was charged and termed as a “wife-beater.” Due to such high-profile allegations against him, it is being rumoured that Warner Bros. asked him to step down from the role and give others a chance to shine on the big screen. In an interview, Mikkelsen revealed that Warner Bros was looking at an immediate replacement and wanted to end the Depp controversy surrounding them and the production house. Therefore, Mikkelsen accepted the role and said that he now regrets not talking to Depp about the role and whether or not he was okay with taking this role.

Now all is set and done, and everything has been confirmed about the movie. All the fans are looking forward to the return of the fantastic series, and people hope Mikkelsen can deliver to the enormous expectations that are set at him.

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