In an interview with Indian Express, Manoj Bajpayee spoke about the boom in digital content, why it is a good time to be an actor, and The Family Man.

Manoj Bajpayee trusts it is an extraordinary chance to be in the substance space. The pandemic has changed how India consumes its content, placing stories at the center of attention and making writers and directors with vision its new lords. The 53-year-old entertainer, who has gotten a sweetheart of the crowd on the OTT space, talked about the whisking in the content space at an online Adda facilitated by the Indian Express on Thursday

Manoj Bajpayee spoke about how OTT platforms ended the era of superstars and leveled the playing field. He described the OTT platform as the most democratic medium for next-generation actors. “The system that is based on Friday releases has lost out. You see their desperation and anxiety but they are also trying to tweak themselves to be a part of this new situation.”

Calling the big actors, the “real kings of box office”, Bajpayee added, “For us, it was always this situation. We were doing everything so that we can be part of such films. But they were the real kings of box office. They will take time to come to terms to this situation and start re-inventing themselves. I see that effort happening from that side also,” he added.

Bajpayee got a ton of affection for his new release The Family Man season 2. The Raj and DK directed show was previously planned for April this year. It was, however, delayed as Amazon Prime Video’s web series, Tandav, got involved in a debate for purportedly harming religious sentiments. As different FIRs were recorded against the Saif Ali Khan series, the creators and streaming service issued apologies.

When asked in the interview that did Tandav’s controversy delayed The Family Man 2. “It is overstated,” Bajpayee said. “The Family Man season 2 was complete and was ready for release when the Tandav episode happened. Did you ever feel in The Family Man that it is censored? If at all we were worried, it was about the protest that was coming from a different part of the country. But we were very confident that once people saw the show, they would understand that it is about them. Raj and DK and the writers put all the sides of debates in the script for people to decide. That’s a great way to put all the arguments in the script.”