During a Clubhouse session with The Bollywood Film Club, Manoj Bajpayee revealed that he was set to star as the lead in a Hollywood film but it didn’t pan out.


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In that session moderated by Janice Sequeira and Aniruddha Guha, Bajpayee goes on to tell that some had predicted the project would fall through.

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After Pinjar, he signed an international project also starring Lynn Collins, Justin Theroux, Frank Langella, and others.

Then, while on an expedition to Jaisalmer to film the project he was invited to Shrivallabh Vyas’ for lunch when he insisted Bajpayee let his father have a glance at his birth chart. Vyas’ father, an astrologer, rendering his services to the likes of the royalty of Jaisalmer, was renowned in Rajasthan.

“We were having lunch and then I came to know that his father is a great astrologer and he was a very old person. He could hardly manage to speak. Shrivallabh said ‘No, no, no, show your chart to my father,” Manoj said.

“He’s a great astrologer in Rajasthan and he’s the astrologer to the King of Jaisalmer.’ Then I requested his father to please tell me what would happen to this film. He said, ‘Nothing would happen.'”

“So, I said, ‘Uncle, please see again, there must be something.’ He repeated, ‘No, I can’t see anything.’ Then I came out, one part of your heart is saying it’s true and one part of your heart is saying it’s not true. We all wrapped up and came back and nothing happened,” he added.

The incident occurred close to two decades ago and Manoj hasn’t worked on a Hollywood project yet. However, he’d told Hindustan Times earlier that he has been getting offers but he isn’t ‘dying to go there just because it’s Hollywood’.

Bajpayee is anticipated in Zee5’s Dial 100 next, alongside the likes of Neena Gupta.


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