Marvel is finally doing it. The studio will be bringing the character of Moon Knight to our screen from the comic books.

Moon Knight will be getting his own Disney+ web series, and actor Oscar Isaac is in talks to take the title role, according to a report by Variety. Disney and Marvel announced that Moon Knight would be be part of the studio’s Phase 4, but there was no confirmation on the actor playing Moon Knight.



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This won’t be Isaac’s first introduction to the prestigious MCU. The actor also starred in X-Men: Apocalypse, though that film was released prior to Marvel reacquiring the film rights to the X-Men franchise. Isaac is also well-versed with Disney’s characters as he was seen in the Star Wars trilogy as Poe Dameron.


Oscar Isaac


But while the actors are still being deliberated upon, the director has been finalised. According to Deadline the series will be helmed by acclaimed Egyptian film-maker Mohamed Diab. Diab is the director of renowned films like Cairo 678 and Clash, which opened at the Cannes Film Festival. Diab also wrote The Island franchise.

Moon Knight has been a character fans have been patiently waiting for. Last year, the Russo Brothers gave their nod of approval for seeing Keanu Reeves in the role. The duo talked to IMDb at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and were asked about their thoughts on Reeves playing Moon Knight. Both of them agreed that casting Reeves would definitely be a good call.”

Marvel has been trying to get the John Wick actor on board for a while now. They wanted Reeves to play Yon Rogg in Captain Marvel, a role which eventually went to Jude Law.