Nobody does it like Mr Jordan. Let it be on court, or in the sneaker business, Michael Jordan is king. But now, the legendary athlete has another huge achievement to his name. The documentary based on Jordan’s life is the world’s most famous documentary right now according to viewership ratings.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Michael Jordan-centric feature — The Last Dance — is currently the most in-demand documentary in the world, without even streaming via Netflix America.

Even though Tiger King still remains one of Netflix‘s most popular 2020 releases, The Last Dance has overtaken Tiger King as one of the 20 most in-demand programs in the world and the highest-ranked documentary. The information comes from Parrot Analytics, a research firm utilizing social media conversations and piracy stats to track audience interest.

But the popularity isn’t just solely based on numbers. Parrot Analytics also claims that the documentary holds as much cultural weight as fan-favorite shows like The Mandalorian and Friends.