Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have admitted that they don’t shower regularly and the internet is trolling the couple badly.

After making an appearance on Dax Shepard‘s “Armchair Expert” podcast, the couple admitted that they wash their kids only when they spot dirt on them.

“I don’t wash my body with soap everyday. I wash pits and tits and slits and holes and soles,”said Kunis. Kutcher added: “I wash my armpits and my crotch daily, and nothing else ever. I got a bar of Lever 2000 that just delivers every time. Nothing else.”

Kunis, who moved to the US from Ukraine aged seven, explained that she didn’t have hot water growing up so she just didn’t shower as often. Now an adult, she still does not shower and she doesn’t even wash their children. She added: “When I had children, I also didn’t wash them every day. I wasn’t the parent that bathed my newborns – ever.”

Netizens were quick to troll the couple over their bathing habits. Take a look at it.

In another news, in the wake of billionaires going to space, Kutcher recently revealed that he also had a ticket to go to space on an upcoming flight but Kunis asked him to sell off his ticket after having children together.

Kunis spoke to People magazine and explained the incident in detail. “We get together nine years ago and he was like, ‘I have a ticket to go to space.’ I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I was like, ‘That’s fun, have fun. Years goes by then all of a sudden we have a baby and he’s like, ‘I’m going into space.’ And I was like, ‘That’s irresponsible, you cannot have… This is not what you do. You are a father. I was all so hormonal and I was like, ‘You can’t, you’re going to die. The thing’s going to explode and you’re going to die — and you’re going to leave me with the babies.’ Being the sweet man that he was, he then declined his ticket and sold it,” explained Kunis.

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