The final episode of Ms Marvel was released today bringing in a lot of tears and an unexpected (okay, maybe not) series of developments. As the first season of Ms Marvel wraps up with a nice bow, fans were treated to a surprise cameo, hinting at some major additions to the MCU. And if you haven’t watched it already, we suggest this is where you stop reading (spoilers ahead).

The final episode saw Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) herself making an appearance, confirming Vellani’s addition to the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. In the same episode, we also saw Kamala travelling back in time to the partition era to meet her great-grandmother to find the origins of her powers. 

But what’s gotten fans excited is one major reveal from Bruno (Matt Lintz), who confirms that he’s detected a “mutation” in Kamala’s genes. In case of the not-so-subtle wink, nudge hint wasn’t enough, the reveal comes with a variation of the X-Men theme being played into the background.

This is a deviation of Kamala’s powers from the comic books, where she possesses the Inhuman gene. The change in origins doesn’t come as a surprise considering Marvel is slowly trying to bring the X-Men into the fold. As far as when we’ll see Kamala next, she’s supposed to appear in The Marvels which is due in theatres by 2023. Until then, here’s what the internet has been saying about the finale.

Image credits: Marvel, Disney