French electronic music duo Daft Punk, who announced their split recently, are undoubtedly one of the most influential electronic acts of all time. Since their 1997 debut album Homework spawned instant hits including Around the World, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo developed the sound of French house internationally, and the Parisian pair soon became world-renowned for their now-iconic displays of anonymity too.

In honour of their incredible legacyhere are 5 iconic Daft Punk songs we can’t stop listening to.

Around the World

Though the song’s only lyrics are the words and its title, this French and disco house single from the album Homework found its place on dance charts around the world. Thanks to its unforgettable baseline and  the use of just a few instruments, the song implanted itself into our brains.



One More Time

There’s just something about Discovery‘s first single that makes us wanna celebrate and dance so free. With Rome Anthony’s auto-tuned vocals, a funky beat, and an overall happy vibe, the French and disco house track is often considered as one of the best dance songs of all time. It also topped dance charts around the globe, and makes us feel so free, we just can’t help listening to it one more time.



Da Funk

This instrumental single of Daft Punk’s debut lends acid house and alternative dance elements into now what’s considered as one of the staples of 90s house. With its rocking drums, electro-synthesizers, and a striking riff, Da Funk was the duo’s first chart-topper on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart. Thanks to a unique and memorable Spike Jonze directed music video, the song has also cemented its place in pop culture.



Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This song from Discovery proves that when it comes to house music, Daft Punk really knows how to make things harder, better, faster, and stronger. With the duo’s electronically enhanced vocals, symbols that keep the beat, and an Edwin Birdsong sample, it’s one of the most memorable track of the album. It found more popularity with Kanye West’s Stronger.



Get Lucky

Random Access Memories came 8 years after Human After All, and Get Lucky was the album’s highly anticipated single. Co-written with Nile Rodgers, the disco and funk infused track contains vocals by Pharell Williams. It’s so good that it both critics and fans feeling lucky, and marked a thunderous comeback by the electronic duo.



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