Adnan Sami’s claim to fame was the very happy Lift Karadey which had a special appearance from Govinda. The husky voice was different from all the singers we were used to hearing, and that is why he gained popularity very quickly. Even the lyrics captured the aspirations of every man and woman to become rich and famous, which is why it worked so well. 

As the years passed by, Sami did give many more hits and lost a lot of weight, but nothing has achieved cult status quite like Lift Karadey. Still, you have to admire the man for his music and his extremely good skills when it comes to playing the piano. 

What you (and we) shouldn’t admire is his tweets. They remind us of the ‘thought for the day’ segment we had in school every day during assembly. These tweets say the same things we’ve heard over and over again, and combined with images of him, they seem so out of place for a singer. You have to say though, that these tweets are outrageously funny.

No shit, Sherlock. But what’s with those three ellipses at the beginning? 


He seems like the man most concerned about our happiness! 


Are you a singer or a spiritual guru? And what about surrendering to Goddesses? Will she not be your true protector too?


What leap of faith are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘that’ leap of faith? 

We look forward to more such gems from you, because hey, we like complaining about things from time to time. It helps us release that angst within.