BTS has had a crazy year till now. The band released two songs – Butter and Permission To Dance, and received massive love for the songs from the fans. Not just that, the band was also nominated for a Grammy this year, Their song, Dynamite, became the first ever song by the band to be nominated for the prestigious award. While the band did not win the Grammy, BTS member Suga hopes to win at Grammys 2022.

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Seeing the kind of response their songs are getting, Suga feels that in 2022, not only will they be nominated for a Grammy but will also win. Both, Butter and Permission To Dance, made it to Billboard Hot 100 list and scored the top position on the list.

Talking to the Korean evening news program News 8, BTS member Suga said, “I’d like for us to be nominated for a Grammy again. I want to receive the award.” The band members became the first artists to replace themselves at the top spot on Billboard Hot 100, as Butter fell down to No. 7 on the list.

Talking further about the response their work is getting, BTS member and spokesperson, RM said, “It feels like a dream. The times are what they are, but when we released ‘Butter,’ we never imagined that it would hold the No. 1 spot for seven straight weeks. After it hit seven weeks, we joked that it would be nice to get a ‘baton touch,’ but it’s an honor that it became true.”

“There were definitely a whole lot of things that were planned. But the plans were all collapsed instantly. It was hard for me to figure out what to do and it is true that there was a time when I felt like letting everything go. But when I saw our fans and the members next to me, I could gain strength again,” said Jungkook when asked about his message in the Butter album.