After creating a wave with their song, Dynamite and Butter, BTS’ Permission To Dance is getting immense love from all over the world. However, Seoul gyms have banned the song from being played while people work out. The song along with other K-pop hits such as Drunk-Dazed by Enhypen is not allowed to play in gyms.

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The reason behind this strange decision is that working out to fast-paced tunes with over 120 beats per minute could pose a risk. The risk becomes bigger when such songs are being played during group workouts. Not only banning songs, but authorities have also limited the maximum treadmill speed to 6 km/h. Authorities have taken these steps to deter people at the gym from breathing too quickly or splashing sweat on others and hence preventing any kind of virus from spreading amongst the people.

Kang Hyun Ku, a gym owner from Seoul told Reuters, “My biggest question is whether playing classical music or BTS songs has proven to have any impact on spreading the virus.” President Moon Jae In has apologised to the citizens and requested them to bear with him.

In a video that BTS had posted online earlier, Suga is seen saying that he is sure Permission To Dance will cross Butter’s records. BTS’ Butter has been reigning for over six weeks. Permission To Dance crossed 100 million views in over two days and now it will be interesting to see if Suga’s predictions come true or now and does the song become the top song on Billboard Hot 100 list.

Apart from this, Louis Vuitton recently showcased its spin-off Fall/Winter 2021 collection in Seoul. The looks, created by Men’s Creative Director Virgil Abloh, consist of 34 new designs that expand on the earlier men’s fall/winter 2021 collection, released in January.

The group’s seven members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, modelled seven looks from the collection, as the K-pop group strutted in vivid greens, eye-catching reds, aeroplane-embellished suits and metallic briefcases.