BTS may have lost out on the coveted Grammy award at the 63rd Grammy Awards, but Dynamite is still on a record-breaking spree, months after it was first released. According to NME, on March 16, Guinness World Records shared via their official Twitter account that Dynamite has earned the title of ‘most simultaneous viewers for a music video on YouTube Premieres’ after its official music video premiere was watched by over 3 million concurrent viewers.

The record, which they jokingly called “the worst kept secret in history”, was revealed on March 16 through their social media accounts.

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According to the publication, although the music video for ‘Dynamite’ came out in August 2020, the organization had to wait for YouTube’s confirmation on the viewer count in order to confirm BTS’ recent world record.

Last year, Guinness confirmed that BTS set the record for ‘Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours‘, ‘Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours’ and ‘Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group’ with ‘Dynamite’. The clip had garnered over 100million views 24 hours after its release and, at present, has more than 928 million views.

The seven-member group also holds other Guinness World Records titles, such as “Most viewers for a music concert live stream” for their online concert ‘Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey’ and the “Best-selling album (South Korea)” for their seventh studio album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’.

Dynamite released on August 21, 2020, and according to YouTube’s official numbers, the MV garnered 101.1 million views in the 24 hours after its release. BTS also made history becoming becomes the first Korean artist to reach number 1 on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ chart. They stayed at the number one spot for two consecutive weeks in September 2020. BTS also holds other Guinness World Records titles including best-selling album (South Korea), most viewers for a music concert live stream, most Twitter engagements, and more.

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