BTS premiered a video a of a slab of melting butter, accompanied by sizzling sounds on YouTube, a little bit teaser for their upcoming second English single.

Anticipating the upcoming release, the BTS ARMY has been actively showing their support for Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Constantly viewing the animated butter video, the visual has now amassed over 15 million views. Currently, the Butter video has exactly 15,190,517 views and is expected to continue to increase as the release of the single approaches.

The visuals featured an animated cube of butter which slowly melts over the course of an hour. A reverse countdown timer runs in the right corner, with kitchen noises playing in the background.

BTS’ “Butter” English-language single is expected to release May 21, 12 a.m. EST.

Recently, McDonald’s announced their new meal that will be inspired by BTS. The BTS Meal will be available in 40 countries across the world, starting with their first release in the United States. In India, the BTS Meal would be available in Delhi on June 1, and also in Mumbai on June 4 respectively. The meal includes 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium coke, and for the first time, two dips of Sweet Chilli and Cajun, which would be sold outside South Korea also for the first time.

BTS Army are eagerly waiting for the new meal to hit their home country. They made a lot of memes and jokes about the meal, wondering if after their launch, McDonald’s would run out of stock due to the demand and fan following of the BTS band.

The burger giant has seen a fall in its revenue outside the United States due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With people restricting themselves to their homes, McDonald’s is trying everything out to attract more customers to their outlets. The BTS meal follows similar US only deals with singers like J Balvin and Travis Scott, both of which, McDonalds’s says, boosted sales in their latter half of the year.

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