Drake has now overtaken Madonna and broken the record for the highest number of Top 10 hits in US chart history.

The Canadian rapper burst onto the scene with his first Top 10 hit Best I Ever Had, just 11 years ago. This week, Drake earned his 39th and 40th top 10 hits thanks to his feature on DJ Khaled’s singles Popstar and Greece.



The rapper’s latest feat now places him above the biggest names in music like Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. Madonna held the record since 2008, after she surpassed The Beatles.


Drake 40 songs
Madonna 38 songs
The Beatles 34 songs
Rihanna 31 songs
Michael Jackson 30 songs
Mariah Carey 28 songs
Stevie Wonder 28 songs
Janet Jackson 27 songs
Elton John 27 songs
Lil Wayne 25 songs
Elvis Presley 25 songs
Taylor Swift 25 songs


Almost as soon as Drake overtook The Beatles last year, and was one step below Madonna, he boasted about it on the song Going Bad with Meek Mill.

“Back home, smoking legal. I got more slaps than The Beatles,” he rapped.

Since he’s at the top right now, expect to hear a verse in the future where Drake raps about his latest achievement.