Eminem doesn’t shy away from name dropping, and his latest album —  Music To Be Murdered By – Side B — is another testament to that.

The project was released on Friday, December 18, to everyone’s surprise, and includes over 20 new tracks from Slim Shady. Most of the songs were individually attention-worthy, filled with brash, explicit bars that suit the theme of murder music, but the track Zeus seemed to stand out.



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The song created some buzz, primarily because of the amount of big names that were dropped. Drake, Rihanna, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Chance the Rapper, Migos, and Snoop Dogg were some of the artistes mentioned on the song.

The songs starts off with Eminem taking a shot at Tekashi, followed by an apology to Rihanna for their song leaking. Shady then went on to serve some advice to fellow rapper Drake about fame and fans, also including Chance The Rapper, Migos, and Future’s name in the end.

He rapped,

“I’ve had a great view to see the game through
And, Drake, they’re gonna turn on you one day too
And the more you win, the sooner they do
They’ll be calling you a trash bin
Sayin’ that your new one isn’t better than your last and
Even if it is, once they start to turn their backs
They ain’t never comin’ back in
They did it to Chance, Next they’ll be mentionin’ Future in the past tense (Yeah)
Or sayin’ “Adiós” to Migos”



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Eminem even spent the latter part of the song responding to Snoop Dogg. “As far as squashing beef, I’m used to people knocking me,” Eminem raps on the album. “But just not in my camp. And diplomatic as I’m tryin’ to be, last thing I need is Snoop doggin’ me. Man, Dogg, you was like a damn god to me. Meh, not really (haha). I had dog backwards.”


Listen to Zeus below: