One of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem, has shared his very own personal, greatest-of-all-time list.

YouTuber NoLifeShaq recently uploaded a video of him DM’ing 30 rappers on Instagram asking them who they think is the greatest rapper of all time. One of those 30 people happened to be Eminem. But the rapper didn’t respond via DM, but chose to tweet out his list.

Responding on Twitter, Slim Shady revealed his greatest rapper of all-time list. “For me, in no particular order,” Em wrote. “[Lil Wayne], [2Pac], [Royce Da 5’9], [Jay-Z], Redman, Treach, [Kool G. Rap], Biggie, & [Kxng Crooked].”

But Eminem went on to add even more names to the already star-studded list. He then added Redman, LL Cool J, Nas, Joyner Lucas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, André 3000, Big Daddy Kane, and Rakim to his list.




But this isn’t the first time the Grammy-winning rapper revealed his favourites. In his song Till I Collapse from his 2002 album The Eminem Show, he shared a few names. “I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in/It goes, [Redman], Jay-Z, 2Pac, and Biggie,” Marshall rapped. “André from Outkast, [Jadakiss], Kurupt, Nas, and then me,” he rapped.


(Header Credit – Eminem, Instagram)