There are certain moments in music history that have made an indelible mark in pop culture. These moments are downright historic and they have given us different reasons to fall in love with music. Take a look at some of these moments (in no particular order) that will compel you to go on a nostalgia trip(only if you were lucky enough to live in any one of these eras).

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1. Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged Performance: One can say that the music industry, in general, owes a lot to MTV, given the game-changing impact of its arrival. MTV Unplugged is responsible for some really memorable performances. While performances by musicians like Eric Clapton could have also easily made the list, Nirvana’s 1993 performance arguably remains the most iconic. Recorded in November of that year and aired a month later, it was one of the last televised performances by Kurt Cobain before his tragic death in April 1994.



2. Bob Dylan at Newport in 1965: A fan favorite of the Newport Folk Festival, thanks to his appearances in 1963 and ’64, Bob Dylan rattled the cage a little too hard in 1965. He headlined the Newport Folk festival that year. Armed with a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, Dylan parted ways with folk and signaled the rise of rock and roll.



3. The Beatles debut on The Ed Sullivan Show: On February 9, 1964 to an estimated US television record of 73 million viewers, The Beatles took the stage and gave rise to a crazy phenomenon that is now known as Beatlemania. The Beatles on that night bridged the gap between American and British music, and the music industry got introduced to the most influential band in history.



4. Queen at Live Aid in 1985: On July 5 1985, some of the biggest musicians in the world came together at Live Aid to help in collecting funds for the Ethiopian famine. From U2 to a reunited Led Zeppelin, Live Aid managed to bring almost every major musician and band under one roof, but no performance was as iconic as Queen’s performance, which simply stole the show. In a 21 minute set, the British rock band incredibly crammed Bohemian RhapsodyRadio GagaHammer to FallCrazy Little Thing Called LoveWe Will Rock You, and We are the Champions.



5. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock: Like Live Aid, the Woodstock festival also managed to bring some of the most iconic musicians in the planet at one place, and in Woodstock’s case, it was Jimi Hendrix who stole the show. Considered as the greatest guitarist to have ever played the instrument, Hendrix surprised everyone with an electric rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. Hendrix’s performance also channeled his anger towards the government for the Vietnam War and it also showcased his deep love for his country.



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