Festival-hopping of the musical kind.

Clear skies have finally rolled and so have the cold months. Basically, a time where you can finally wear your good shit on out in public due to the fact that the rains can’t fuck it up for you. Which also means that the time for attending music festivals has arrived. Although, not the sand-in-your-butt-crack kind. These music festivals will actually be worth your time (and wallet).

What: Enchanted Valley Carnival

Where: Aamby Valley, Lonavla

Apparently the only multi genre music festival in India offering varied genres from electronic music to live genres across International Pop, Bollywood, EDM, techno, fusion and Indie along with other experimental music, Enchanted Valley Carnival is a lot to take in, musically, visually and gastronomically. At the same time, it’s potentially one of the most fulfilling gigs you’ll ever go to. More details here.

What: Timeout 72

Where: Vagator, Goa

A lot can happen in under just 72 hours. Take Timeout 72, for instance. The multi-genre music festival aims at delivering local and international music experience across one weekend which will probably not take place on a beach. More details here.

What: Magnetic Fields

Where: Alsisar, Jaipur

If you’ve never been to a royal house party, Magnetic Fields is your chance. A three day music gig at Alsisar Mahal, this festivalhas everything from different kinds of music to secret parties, rooftop dancing, and flying kites at sunrise, even. More details here.

What: GOAT festival

Where: Ashvem, Goa

It doesn’t get more millennial than GOAT. Born in the UK, this gig has deep house, techno, electronic, and more to offer over the 3-day period. That’s not it- there’s going to be drum circles, booze by the Goan bay. More details here.