According to Mint, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, who launched his music label IncInk in 2019, plans to expand it into a genre-agnostic platform covering music, video, visual art, and other experiences.

“The collective is open. We want to discover and work in a genre-agnostic way, so whether it’s electronica or jazz musicians and bands or singer-songwriters or folk musicians from the interiors of India – we don’t want to be confined or be boxed into just this or that. This is a callout to all the artists who are authentic in their vision and craft,” Singh’s partner Navzar Iranee said on the label completing two years.

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Iranee is a filmmaker and music evangelist looking to launch and support artistes in India. The label has launched rappers and hip-hop artistes such as Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, Devil – The Rhymer and SlowCheeta, so far.

“They have evolved into serious musical prodigies of our generation who are now being appreciated far and wide. IncInk has tried to be a vehicle for their artistic growth…”, said Ranveer Singh, adding that IncInk aims to expand its scope of work and become an artist collective that serves as a platform for new, un-showcased artists and ideas across India and diversify into all genres.

As an artist’s collective, the music label will not be limited to music releases or videos but expand on to bigger visions being executed via – IP’s, products and collaborations, Iranee added.

To be sure, despite the prevailing dominance of Bollywood film music, independent music artistes have seen their popularity surge in 2020, as stuck-at-home Indians, in the wake of pandemic-led curbs, looked for entertainment options. For instance, Swedish audio streaming service Spotify’s Indie India playlist grew 90% year-on year.

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