The Weeknd continues his TV streak with his latest appearance on animated show Robot Chicken.

The singer shared screen-space with film-maker David Lynch, in a special episode that celebrated the animated show’s 200th episode of its Endgame parody. The Weeknd voiced not one, but three characters on the show: a S.W.A.T. officer, an auctioneer at an illegal dinosaur auction and Tyler Perry’s character Madeaa, who ends up getting chopped in half by Deadpool.

In a statement, The Weeknd shared his excitement about working on Robot Chicken: “I want to continue to create different Weeknds in alternate universes. There weren’t many challenges, as the acting was pretty straightforward. I told Joel I loved doing voices and wished I could have challenged myself more in that department, so he took me to the Robot Chicken studio, where [series co-creator] Seth Green was waiting for me. I totally geeked out and he actually let me do multiple voices on an episode coming out soon. The cartoon nerd in me jumped out that day.”

Before Robot Chicken, the artiste also appeared as himself on American Dad and performed his comedic song I’m a Virgin.

Watch the video below: