Even though The Weeknd’s After Hours was released last year, the singer is back in the studio and working on his upcoming project.

In a recent interview with tmrw, the Blinding Lights singer talked about the cancellation of his tour and political environment that might have helped him decide the theme of his next album. “I have been more inspired and creative during the pandemic than I might normally be while on the road…The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the tensions of the election have mostly created a sense of gratitude for what I have and closeness with the people near me,” he said.


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The Weeknd’s After Hours tour opener was originally slated for June 11 in Vancouver, Canada. However, with the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe, the tour was officially rescheduled to begin on June 12, 2021, still kicking off in his homeland.

The Weeknd also spoke on his African heritage and his past works, “My natural singing voice was inspired and shaped by Ethiopian music,” he told the outlet. “The older I got, I was exposed to more music and my voice became a chameleon, going into different characters with each album. By following my own path and breaking industry norms, [I seem to be] influencing others.”

Speaking about his current hit album, he added: “I was laser-focused back then and I’m laser-focused right now. This has been the story of my twenties. I feel like I spent the last 10 years creating a sound and most of my career, I’ve either been running away from it or duplicating it. After Hours was the perfect piece of art for me to show my tenure in the industry.”

Even though it was a critically acclaimed album After Hours failed to make it to any Grammy nominations. The singer tweeted about this action by saying that it was a direct snub from the Academy on his latest work, The Weeknd wrote, “The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency.”

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