While the current pandemic and lockdowns has prevented the annual Pride month to flourish in its usual rainbow-coloured fashion, Tinder India wants to help celebrate it while staying home.

In celebration of Pride month this year, Tinder India released a Pride Anthem, produced by Indian electronic artiste Ritviz. The Pride Anthem is also accompanied with a heart-warming music video, shot by Jugaad Motion Pictures, best known for Prateek Kuhad’s Cold/Mess and Ritviz’s Liggi music video.

On the occasion, Ritviz and Jugaad Motion Pictures said, “It’s an anthem for love. We are celebrating love in lockdown. This anthem and music video represents how we’re still here for one another. The ways of letting each other know – hey, I’m here, I see you and I stand up for you.”

Watch the Pride Anthem below: