After delivering three breath-taking seasons filled with guns, drama and a whole lot of drugs, Narcos is back with its fourth instalment in the series. While the previous seasons focused on the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel, this season takes a little detour from Colombia and dives into the history of Mexico’s drug trafficking world.

The story mainly revolves around DEA agent Kiki Camarena’s hunt for the Godfather of Mexico’s drug empire, Miguel Félix Gallardo. The show boasts of a strong storyline that is based on true events of Mexico’s drug war and is portrayed by a stellar cast, with Michael Peña and Alfonso Dosal in the lead roles.

With the original DNA of previous seasons still well infused in the latest one, the fourth season promises to be another great addition to the series. It could be the start of something new, or the end of something big.

Narcos: Mexico is set to premiere on November 16 on Netflix.


Header Credit – Narcos Instagram