Sonu Sood is ready to share some interesting stories around India in National Geographic’s upcoming show, ‘It Happens Only In India’.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is one person who has truly earned an enormous amount of love and blessings in the past year. The actor has emerged as a saviour by proactively helping as many people as he can throughout the pandemic. He has also made headlines through his professional work. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that National Geographic India chose Sonu Sood for their upcoming project, ‘It Happens Only in India’.
National Geographic Channel has come up with various interesting programs over the years. Almost every program has something new to talk about and always ends up being a hit with the audience. This Independence Day, while wishing the nation, Nat Geo India decided to announce their next project featuring Sonu Sood. Apart from the name of the program, other details such as the date or concept have not been revealed yet.
Announcing the show, Nat Geo India shared a teaser with Sonu Sood wishing everyone on Independence Day. The caption of the post read, “Get ready to witness some exciting stories about India with Sonu Sood on It Happens Only in India, coming soon on National Geographic.”
Meanwhile, Sonu did not reveal the official debut date or concept, it appears to be an intriguing project that is all about India as a nation, and all his fan and followers can’t wait to talk or know more on this Project soon.

Well, from the caption itself, it is easy to assume that the show will feature some interesting stories from the deepest parts of India. It might also include what the nation is going through currently, including the current pandemic and other crises that affect the nation.