Apple has always launched its new products in September. Although the iPhone 13 family was unveiled at the September event. More recently, however, they have not adhered to this self-imposed rule completely. They have launched a second line of products this year, no more than a day ago, like the new MacBook Pro, a new gen of AirPods and oh, a polishing cloth worth $19.

This piece of polishing cloth retails for ₹1900 has become the butt of many a joke at the hands of netizens.

Some were just calling a spade a spade;


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While others had a warning for whoever may be purchasing the cloth for their devices;

There were also a few questions about the ability of the product;

However, the primary reaction has been snark;


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However, some netizens find themselves truly disappointed;

Well, Apple has been kind enough to also provide an EMI Option, at only ₹224 a month, this polishing cloth is yours!

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