Indian Noir is a gritty crime thriller set in India. It is written and voiced by Commonwealth Short Story Prize and DWL Story Prize-winning writer by Nikesh Murali. It is currently in its second season and promises a listening experience filled with plot twists, thrills, and action-filled sequences, all while keeping you at the edge of your seat.


Hosted by gynaecologist Dr Munjaal V. Kapadia, this podcast deals with women’s health as well as general social stigmas and issues. Dr. Kapadia invites guests to open up and share stories about their experience on topics like sex, periods, contraception, miscarriages, etc. The show empowers women to talk and be open about heavy topics like these and also hopes to educate men a little more on these issues


This one’s for sports enthusiasts who would like to involve themselves in heavy discussions about sports, players and other pertinent topics revolving around it. The best part about The Fan Garage is that it doesn’t stick to just discussing about sports like cricket and football, the hosts make sure to include sports that have a niche audience in India like MMA, hockey and even fantasy sports.


Maed in India claims to be India’s first indie music podcast that aims to introduce interested listeners to brand-new Indie music and artists. It is hosted by Mae Thomas and the podcast sticks to its tag line of “60% music, 40% talk.” The show provides a bigger platform for upcoming as well as established indie artists to discuss about the scene and share quirky, interesting stories.


Be warned, this podcast is capable of inducing some dangerously high doses of wanderlust. The Musafir Stories hosts avid travellers each episode who come on the show to share their amazing, funny and adventurous travel experiences throughout India. The podcast hopes to motivate travellers to take advantage of the scenic and picturesque destinations that a country like India offers.



This is arguably the most popular podcast today. The Joe Rogan Experience is hosted by former UFC announcer and American stand-up comedian Joe Rogan. The podcast is known for its quirky, crazy topic discussions, pure laugh-out-loud moments and its slew of intriguing and interesting choice of guests that include everyone from Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Lance Armstrong, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and a whole lot more.



Film critic and writer Aniruddha Guha’s Watcha is a podcast for hardcore movie and TV buffs. It proves to be an extremely engaging and educational listen for people who are passionate about movies and television shows. The podcast doesn’t just involve a series of reviews, but also deeply delves into other interesting aspects like fan theories and film dissections.


Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Fray’s podcast is everything the title says. Stuff You Missed In History Class dedicates each episode to giving listeners a fun and interesting lesson in historical events or figures who most probably didn’t make it into their textbooks. The history covered doesn’t just stick to your usual world wars and civil wars, but goes much beyond by going into uncharted territory like shipwrecks, mysteries, and crimes.



SynTalk is a podcast filled with intelligent and intense debates and discussions on well-researched topics. The range of discussed topics are diverse, including everything from science and politics to art and philosophy. What makes it even more interesting is that the podcast isn’t scripted, the debaters choose a topic at random and go live with it on the spot.


Comedian Cyrus Broacha has been entertaining Indian audiences for more than a decade with his unforgettable pranks and unmatched wit. He brings all of that to his podcast Cyrus Says. It is a light-hearted and entertaining listen where he and his guests talk, sometimes argue about sports, politics, films, traffic, food and almost any other topic that runs through Broacha’s mind that he feels a need to discuss.