Oscar-winning director, producer, and writer opened about a host of controversial issues in an interview with Nikki Bedi in an upcoming hour-long interview on the BBC World Service’s radio program “The Arts Hour”.

Stone stated that he did not and does not support the temporary removal of Gone With The Wind on HBO Max which was later added with an informative disclaimer.

“It’s very true that Gone with the Wind is a very colored treatment of the South, but I think it’s a classic, it was my mother’s film of her generation,” Stone said. “She loved it and it defined so many people, you can’t deny that. Certainly today, there possibly should be disclaimers put on or explanations to the audience — this represents a sweetened picture of the South. It does not deal with the issue of slavery in its worst form. It should not be removed from circulation though. I don’t believe so.”

He also addressed allegations of sexual misconduct and claims that his casting process on The Doors was demeaning to actresses, reports Indiewire.

“I’d never admit misconduct,” Stone said. “I’ve been crazy man too, I’m not going to say that everything is hunky-dory. No, I had a crazy life, but I never did anything that was exploitive or assaultive or violent. I never had the need to and never wanted to.”

(Header credits: Wikimedia Commons)