Jimmy Kimmel’s performance at the 90th edition of Oscars was so bad, that we didn’t laugh at a single one of his jokes. There wasn’t a single moment of genius, and all his gags fell flat. Especially the one where he made all the nominees enter a theater. 

He began with an extremely poor joke about how the person who gave the shortest speech would be given a jet ski. And what’s with all those AVs? Can’t he think up of enough original content?

We aren’t the only ones who felt so. The Twitterati has been buzzing with criticism of the show too. 

Earlier, we’d looked at the good, the bad and the ugly of Oscar hosts of all time. Jimmy’s performance tonight (or today morning) certainly features in the third category. 

The Good – Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s opening number at the Oscars 2009 was so good, that we think it deserved an award in itself. Spoofing all the best picture nominees from that year in a musical style, Jackman delivered a performance throbbing with passion, humour and romance just like a great film does. 

Another hosting performance that had us clapping was Ellen DeGeneres’ humorous act in Oscars 2014. All her punches hit the money, and her comic timing is something most stand-up artists would give their arms and legs for. Another thing that stood out was the lovely selfie she took with the stars, which became the re-tweeted selfie in world history. 

The Bad – Seth MacFarlane

While Seth MacFarlane’s comedy may have its takers, his jokes were certainly not appropriate for a stage as big as the Oscars. When he hosted the show in 2013, MacFarlane cracked several jokes including a song where he listed all the actresses whose boobs we saw along with the movies in which we saw them. 

The Ugly – James Franco and Anne Hathaway

While we have immense respect for James Franco and Anne Hathaway as actors, they did one of the shoddiest jobs when it comes to hosting. Neither of them seemed comfortable, with Franco appearing disinterested and Hathaway appearing too excited. Some people even accused Franco of being stoned while doing the hosting. All in all, the performance was a snoozefest with all the jokes falling flat and the hosts lacking any sort of camaraderie.

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