There are a couple of reasons why we are talking about Rani Mukherji. One, it’s her birthday tomorrow and two, her film Hichki is releasing this week. 

Long before they made their relationship public, Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra were rumoured to be dating. “Being an actor, I understand that for my fans, reading about my personal life makes for an interesting read, but I too am like any other regular girl who wants to protect her life not because she wants to hide it, but because I didn’t want to put my parents, who I am very close to, through the turmoil of talking about their daughter’s life. I had decided that I would talk when I get married as then you can talk with that much more confidence. But all this time I was neither hiding nor was I ashamed, but I needed to guard my personal life as there were too many people involved. Also, you need your relationship to grow so you can’t talk about it when it is in a nascent stage. I couldn’t convince people about the fact that what they thought was happening from a decade was not true. I had to live with my truth and wait till I could speak,” Rani said in an interview with TOI.

A lot of people think that Rani was the home-breaker in Aditya’s previous marriage, but she put end to that speculation by stating that she started seeing him only after Adi got divorced. “I started seeing him only when he was out of his divorce and was not my producer. I started seeing him at a point when I was not working with him as dating your producer was not my cup of tea,” she added. 

So what makes them click? According to Rani, “He and I think alike. He loves and respects his parents. My entire world is also my parents. He is not a negative soul and will never harm anybody. He is a person who is always thinking for the good of people and will always see the goodness in people. It’s important that when you are in love, you also respect the person. My respect for him has only grown seeing him in the way he conducts himself. He is a self-respecting person, is an achiever and is intelligent. Even though I too am bright, he is even brighter. In the industry I started off when I was 17 and I have seen all kinds of people. So for me, to respect a person is a very difficult thing.”

In another talk show, Rani spoke about how she cursed Aditya a lot out of love. “He does such loving things that the cursing comes out with love! So, in my family when we curse, we curse with love. We don’t curse with hate. If I curse somebody, that means I really love that person,” she said.