Politics is a hat many men wear in this country. What’s another?

The country has seen many personalities from the Indian film industry cross over to the world of politics since ages. But when the tables are turned, what India probably needs right now is some raw talent from the latter side to step into the limelight and maybe start by learning the screwing-a-bulb-on dance step. Here’s who you’ve got.

Madhukeshwar Desai

As Vice President of the BJP youth wing, Desai makes for a great choice for indie projects, someone like Gulshan Devaiah or Rajkumarr Rao.

Image: Youtube

Sachin Pilot

Pilot is a representative of Ajmer on behalf of the Indian National Congress in the parliament. What he could represent in Bollywood is the male lead in an intellectual and feminist movie. Food for thought, people. Food for thought.

Image: Wikipedia

The Deo brothers

Kalikesh, leader of Biju Janata Dal party, is probably the kind of dude a girl takes home to meet her family. And Arkesh, his younger brother and also a part of this political party, would play himself as the brother who tagged along for this meeting and may be hits off with one of his future sister-in-law’s friends. There’s your movie right there.

Image: PRS

Image: Business Insider