Love is love, and some queer characters on the screen prove the same in a beautiful manner. With the LGBTQ+ community ever-growing and evolving, we got to see many Queer characters on the screening in the last few years. The audience immediately fell in love with them and since we are celebrating the Pride Month, we decided to take a look at 5 queer characters we absolutely love.

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David and Patrick – Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick top the list because they were super adorable in Schitt’s Creek. The bond, love and perfect relationship that they had easily quashed all sorts of stereotypes associated with the LGBTQIA community. How can we forget the beautiful wedding made that made everyone of us cry our hearts out.

Sydney Novak – I Am Not Okay With This

This show was quite an interesting one and Sydney Novak’s character was one of the most appealing ones. Novak has a lot of issues going on in her life but she fights heads on. On her journey to live without her father, she explores that she has developed a crush on her best friend Dina. She does not fight the feeling and happily acknowledges that she is gay.

Eric Effiong – Sex Education

This show has a lot to teach the audience about the friendships, sex, relationship and whatnot. Eric, who is bulled in school, is fighting his own battles. He however is comfortable about his sexuality and is proud to wear the Pride colours as a garb whenever he has a change. his character quirky and colourful, and the way he always is willing to always help his best friend makes him even more special.

Ellie Chu – The Half Of It

This emotional film made us feel for Elli Chu. She has a crush on this girl but still helps a high school jock to impress her. She battles from the thoughts that she fancies the girl, and after battling with these thoughts for a really long time, confesses her love to her. The end of this film is quite beautiful.

Fabiola Torres – Never Have I Ever

Fabiola, is the smart one in the group. She is always calm and composed, but as she grows old, she start to battle with her sexuality. How she embraces the fact that she is gay and how she is ready to be comfortable is a journey you don’t want to miss.